Parish Links Scheme

The Links Scheme has been established to aid communication in this large parish so that the relevant member of the ministry team can be alerted to a parishioner's needs promptly via his/her Link. 
Everyone who attends St Lawrence's is offered two Parish Links who, wherever possible, live in roads near to them.  The Links aim to keep in regular contact with their parishioners, acting as local two-way contacts between them and St Lawrence’s Ministry Team. 

Do please let your Links know if, for example, you are not well, or have had an accident or are going into hospital for an operation - they can help by arranging for your name to be included on the Prayer List, and/or for transport to Church or to receive Communion at home.  Your Links are also keen to hear of, and share, any good news relating to you or your family, and we hope you will also let them know of a bereavement, or if someone new moves into your road, or if the Church can help in any other way through prayer and/or practical support.