Actions for Aim 1

We aim to encourage young people to participate in the life of the church and to grow in faith in Christ by:




1.1 Forming a sub - committee of the PCC to support work with children and young people.


1.2 Inviting young people each year to share in activities related to worship (eg singing, flower arrangements, reading, serving etc.) and providing them with appropriate support.

Achieved &

1.3 Supporting and revitalising SLICK by:
- setting up a support team
- finding additional leaders
- ensuring the provision of suitable funding and facilities

Achieved -
527 Club. 
Yet to achieve for Year 8+

1.4 Advertising, on external notice boards, Sunday morning provision for children and young people.


1.5 Investigating the provision of supervised football for children while refreshments are being served after 10.00am Eucharist.          

Investigated but not implemented.

1.6 Exploring the need and cost of a youth worker & presenting findings to the PCC.    

Achieved - to be reviewed.

1.7 Forming a group of people to arrange resources and oversee Children's Corner


1.8 Providing evening worship, which aims to involve and appeal to younger people, at least twice a year.


1.9 Introducing drama presentations into Sunday morning all-age worship.


1.10 Investigating the possibility of setting up an open youth club and reporting findings to PCC


1.11 Recruiting a youth worker, if this has been found appropriate and has been endorsed by the PCC.


1.12 Investigating the possibility of having an Annual Youth Weekend




Mission Action Plan
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