Giving - as lockdown recedes

In 2020, St Lawrence had a budget deficit of approximately £40,000. On current projections the parish will have a deficit of £20,000 in 2021.


Therefore we are asking everyone - depending on their means - to consider making a one off donation to help offset the church's losses through the lockdown.


St Lawrence's historic reserves have provided a buffer for these losses and that has allowed us to continue to have worship online; it has allowed us to rent out our spaces when that has been possible.


However, meeting our baseline costs to keep St Lawrence's serving the community during the lockdown has only been part of the picture. There are major maintenance works which are now long overdue. These works are set to clear out our reserves.

The church building needs to be completely re-wired; a number of our gas heaters have been condemned; there are long overdue tree works which need to be done for safety and to avoid future damage to our neighbours' properties.


These are uncertain times - can't this wait?

Some people have lost their jobs and income - it wouldn't be right to ask them to bear the burden of this loss. However, others have maintained their income and even managed to save through the lockdown. We are looking to these people to help St Lawrence's at this moment, to secure our future.


Addressing St Lawrence's precarious financial situation now will help to ensure that we make best use of the money the parish does have 

Doesn't having the hall and church closed save money?

The biggest parish expense is the cost of having a priest and paying the wider Church for its support - just under £90,000 a year. Maintaining our buildings and paying for utilities, insurance and parish administration covered about a quarter of our expenditure in 2019. Most of the parish costs have continued: maintenance costs, water, sewerage and administration costs.

Standing Orders


To set up a standing order:


The easiest way to set up a Standing Order is via a banking app or online banking. Donors simply need to enter the parish's bank account details for regular giving (this account is only seen by the stewardship recorder):

The Parochial Church Council of Eastcote Parish No.1 Account
Sort Code: 40-11-58

Account Number: 60519642 


By post
Please phone the parish office on 0208 429 1131 or email at and we will post you a standing order form and stamped and addressed envelope.

To download our standing order form...Click here. 

Cheques and direct money transfers

Direct money transfer 

To make a donation via a banking app or online banking, donors simply need to enter the general parish's bank account details:

The Parochial Church Council of Eastcote Parish No. 2 Account

Sort Code 40-11-58

Account number: 30507008


Please include a reference such as 'appeal donation' so that the transfer can be allocated against the appropriate cause.

Please post a cheque to 'The stewardship recorder' at the Parish office;

Alternatively, we will post you a stamped and addressed envelope if you phone the Parish office on 0208 429 1131 or email


Gift Aid

Gift Aid increases any donation by 25p for every £1 given at no extra cost to you or the Church. For new and existing standing orders: if you would like St Lawrence to claim gift aid on your donations, please complete the Gift Aid declaration form and return it to 'The stewardship recorder' at the Parish office.

To download our Gift Aid Notification Form...Click here

Other ways to give money

If there is a specific project or item you would like to donate towards, or if you would like to remember St Lawrence Church in your will, please contact Fr John or the Church Treasurer. You can also donate to the church via our church JustGiving page