Our Vision for 2020


We see the Church of St Lawrence at the heart of

the Parish of Eastcote


Open — Praying — Nurturing — Lively — Outreaching


We see an open community where people can be certain of a welcome, friendship

and belonging regardless of age, race, ability or background.


We see a praying community in which each and every person is able to encounter

God and follow Christ.


We see a nurturing community in which people of all ages enable one another to

thrive, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


We see a lively community that seeks to inspire creativity and a sense of adventure.

We see an Outreaching Community working in partnership to listen deeply to the

needs of the wider community and to respond practically.


We see a community in which people are empowered to live life to the full under God

and live lives that make a difference in the world.