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Job Vacancies

​Volunteer Positions

There are many Volunteer Positions at St Lawrence Church, Eastcote. Please contact Fr John for further details. He would be delighted to hear from anyone seeking to get involved with volunteering at St Lawrence Church, Eastcote.

Development Posts

The parish currently has three exciting development posts available. These roles are designed to support the parish develop its capacity in order to deliver its mission in relation to using its resources to support increasing well-being in the wider community. We are interested in recruiting to role these members of the local community who may not currently have a connection with St Lawrence's, but who are supportive of the parish's ethos and work. Please click on the links for full details and role descriptions.

Sides people

The parish is recruiting more sides people. Sides people are the first representative of the church that people meet when they visit St Lawrence Church, Eastcote, to worship. Sides people help to prepare you to participate most fully in our worship activities. They are also the first responders in relation to safety and maintaining good order during worship. Please click on the link for full details and a role description.

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