• Fr John

Pastoral letter

St Lawrence Church Bronze Cross

17th March 2020

Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints; extend hospitality to strangers.

Romans 12.12-13

As much as I’d anticipated the steps announced in yesterday’s briefing on the precautions we need to take with the Coronavirus outbreak, the reality of the social distancing means a significant change to our social contact as a community.

I am very grateful to those who have already made offers of help: to take food to those who are more vulnerable and are self-isolating and to maintain contact with those who will otherwise live alone for some time. I will be working to co-ordinate offers of help with requests from our Church community and beyond. Details are available on St Lawrence’s website.

The Standing Committee of the PCC have agreed the following:

1. Updating the website to indicate that St Lawrence is suspending its services of worship until further notice, with similar notices on the Facebook page and pinned on the twitter feed;

2. That the church will be open for personal / individual prayer (as we are able to - this week: during parish office hours; next week Mon-Thu and Sun from 0800-1700)

3. Provide a phone number for parishioners to phone if they need support e.g. food delivered because they are self-isolating; phone calls for support / social contact.

4. Offering a weekly reflection in via email & Facebook and Twitter in written / podcast / video format

Our services are now suspended at St Lawrence’s, but our prayer and fellowship and service to others must not be. As indicated above, the church will be open at this needful time for private prayer.

Please be sure to keep in touch by phone, email and social media with those in your normal social circle and with those who are potentially vulnerable nearby.

Please ask for help if there is anything you need.

You are in my prayers.

Email & Skype| M 0753 504 9710 | T 0208 966 9350

Website (with details for volunteering / support):

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