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Losing someone we know and love is one of the most challenging events in our lives, Here at St Lawrence's, we hope to support you through this process in whatever way we can.

A Good funeral

John Seymour, the Interim Priest at St Lawrence’s, provides a caring service supported by many years experience working with the families and friends of those who have died.  He will help craft a service that reflects the life of the person who has died, and sensitive to the needs of those who mourn their loss. You can make contact with us directly at the Church or you can ask your funeral director to give us a call.

Where will it take place?

We take funerals at the crematorium, at the graveside or in church; and we go with the family for the final committal either at the cemetery or crematorium.

St Lawrence recommends thinking seriously about a funeral in church; not just because of the setting and the facilities, but because at church you can have as much time as you need, there are no restrictions; and we can support small gatherings or large gatherings of over 300. Whatever your choices, St Lawrence Church is here to work with you and your funeral directors to make this last celebration something really worthy of the person.

Ongoing Care

Our support does not stop with the funeral.

Each year there is a bereavement service around the end of October to which bereaved families and friends we have supported in the previous year receive an invitation, but to which everyone is welcome. An opportunity to reflect and remember. We have always been available for families to call for support in bereavement. Now, recognising that it is sometimes difficult to ask, we are going to be gently proactive by just giving people one call to see how you are; from that you can ask us to call again, we can offer to visit you at home and, if you would like it, someone trained in bereavement care to support you. It may only be a chat over a cup of tea, but it can make a real difference, so please do ask.


We also have a Memorial Book - a special way that we can remember loved ones. If you would like your loved one to be remembered in this way, in our weekly bulletin or during the Sunday services, further information and an application form can be found here.

If you are interested funeral services at St Lawrence's, please contact Fr John or email the Parish Office.

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