Interim Process at St Lawrence Eastcote

St Lawrence entered an interim process following the departure of it's last vicar, the Revd Chris Rankine.

Bishop Pete has written that the time of an interim ministry is an opportunity for a church to:-


  • Understand and celebrate the past, lose old fears and find new hopes, and perhaps discover a fresh identity;

  • consider its future witness, mission and ministry;

  • reassess its resources, needs and priorities

  • see where and how it needs to change, and work through the inevitable transition 

  • make plans for the future and prepare for the next chapter of its life. 

Fr John has been present in the parish as interim minister since February 2020 and is working as a team with the Revd Andrew Corsie and the Revd Jody Stowell to engage with the tasks above.

Congregational meetings 


Over lockdown, the interim ministry work taking place for St Lawrence’s has been extended out from meetings with members of the Standing Committee to the whole congregation through Zoom meetings. This has provided for earlier learning to be shared, but more importantly, for the process to be widened.

Engaging with this work hasn’t been too easy online, but it has still been possible to make significant progress. Now that the lockdown is easing, we have an opportunity to work together with the whole congregation.

These are the meetings planned – do please put them in your diary:

    Sunday 1st Aug – 2pm      Our histories: using activities to learn about the stories of different members of the                                                    congregation to see how these fit together

    Sunday 5th Sept – 2pm    Who we are today: activities to take stock of the mix of people who make up St                                                          Lawrence’s and to think about the wider community and what this means for our                                                        shared life

    Sunday 3rd Oct – 2pm     Considering those around us: shared activities to map out our connections to                                                             people and organisations around St Lawrence’s; to think about how we related to                                                       local churches, other faith communities and the Church of England. To consider                                                         what leadership St Lawrence’s has – and needs.


There will also be work to follow on:

  • Hopes and needs for the future of St Lawrence’s

  • Unconscious bias

We are also being asked to engage with the resources for:

  • Living in love and faith – the Church of England asks that we ‘participate in a process of learning and praying together as part of discerning a way forward in relation to matters of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage’.

A prayer guide for the period of interim ministry has been put together by members of the congregation and is available under Publications