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Saturday evening services

Once a month we enjoy a Saturday evening all-age Eucharist. It is a more informal, family-orientated community worship and is at 6pm on the third Saturday of every month. We have a live band to accompany us (of which we always welcome new members), who will play more contemporary songs than most Sunday mornings.

Due to heating problems in our Church building, this service currently

takes place in the Church Hall.


There will often be activities for children to help them engage with the worship.


Saturday evenings will benefit particularly those for whom Sunday mornings are challenging to get to, such as those who work on Sundays or have regular junior sporting activities. In addition it may also be helpful for those who might struggle with the Anglo Catholic style of worship that is more common at St Lawrence's. 


This is an ideal opportunity for catching up with friends, or for meeting new people in a relaxed environment.

Alternatively, if you would like to get involved in the Saturday service please contact Fr John.

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