Our Purpose


To worship God

and to enable all people to enter into that experience.


To show God’s love in word and action

Living God’s love in generous action and patient care. Working for justice and peace and the integrity of creation.


To know God

Growing as disciples of Christ, seeking to follow him more closely. Enabling all people to discover God and to follow Christ. Prayer is at the heart of our life, God is the source for word and action.


To build and live in loving community

Providing good fellowship and pastoral care, where all are welcome. Living for the good of the whole community of Eastcote & the World.


Our Values

God centred

God is the centre and source of all our activities and our stillness.


A sense of belonging

Everyone will find welcome, friendship and a sense of belonging here.


A place of care

Everyone will find this church to be a place of safety, respect and care.


Live with integrity

Action will give truth to our words; we will seek to live the truth with compassion.


Joy is at the heart of God

We will seek to discover that joy in our life, and enable that joy in the lives of others.